Choosing an Agent

It’s sometimes hard for sellers to know exactly what prospective buyers want.

That’s why it’s important to choose an agent who understands your local market and can sell your home faster, maximising your profits.

So what does this look like in action?

Buyers and Sellers

When choosing a real estate agent, look for one who:

☑️ Knows & understands the area

A good local agent goes beyond the basics and can provide a deeper knowledge well beyond the main attractions and local roadways.

For example, knowing which school catchment area your home sits in is something anyone can find out, but a great local agent will be well versed on local schools and know about things like class sizes, and any awards or achievements that your local school is known for.

Where will people be able to shop on the weekends and what else is an easy drive or walk from your home? A good local agent will have all the answers to the local shops, grocers and entertainment.

☑️ Has a grasp on new development in the area

It’s also extremely important that an agent knows what’s coming to your local area.

A good agent should be knowledgeable of any new housing developments and land estates, and can provide you with a richer understanding about the types of homes and amenities available in the area.

Knowledge of future neighbourhoods is also important; a good local agent should be able to discuss the potential impact of any future developments, as they’ll use this information to showcase your home.

☑️ Demonstrates a proven track record

While an agent’s previous track record is important, ultimately it all comes down to finding an agent that you feel is genuine and transparent. While tangible industry experience cannot be overlooked, remember that what some agents lack in experience, they make up for in enthusiasm.

Favourable online recommendations are invaluable, as are repeat clients and referrals, which speak volumes of previous performance.

Of course, you want to work with an agent you are comfortable with, but also one who can logically and tangibly explain a great sale strategy for your home, whether it completely aligns with your thoughts, or not.

Take comfort, too, in the guidance supplied by an agent working under the leadership of a reputable agency.

remax Now has the advantage of global reach. More eyeballs on your property mean more opportunities for you to get the best results.

☑️ Holds a deep understanding of local buyers

A good local agent will truly know all about local buyers and what drives them. For example, while price might be the number one factor on a national level, buyers in certain areas might value land size even more.

Last year we asked our local area agents to reveal what they have commonly found to be the most important factors influencing buyers in particular areas around Australia.

What we found was:

Price is not always the top factor. remax Now agents report New South Wales buyers care less about price
than buyers in other areas of Australia, with price being a key selling factor in only 21% of cases there. Buyers in
Queensland, meanwhile, are highly influenced by price and capital growth.

Not everything matters. Buyers across Australia showed little interest in landscaping and yard maintenance, knowledge that could save you money as you prepare your home for sale. Make sure and speak with a local agent to learn more about what buyers expect in your area.

These results are what RE/MAX Now agents operating in this area typically reported, in the 2018 RE/MAX Agent Now Insights Survey, as being the most common marketing tactics based on their experience.

With a deeper understanding of your local area, a great agent can help you visualise what a buyer wants and tailor your sales strategy to get the best results for your property. They’ll also know what turns off potential buyers the most, and help you steer clear of any pitfalls when it comes to attracting buyers.

remax now north lakes real estate

While local is great, sometimes global proves ideal.

As the global leader in residential home sales, remax Now agents have negotiated more property sales and held more open homes than any other real estate group.

With a well-sized database of potential buyers, when you list your property with remax Now it goes straight to our global site, translated into over 40 languages and over 60 currencies.

Add in our local expertise and it means more opportunities for our agents to sell your property with the best possible results.

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