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Should I attach a marketing plan to my home when selling?

Should I attach a marketing plan to my home when selling?

The short answer is Yes.  Absolutely and anyone whole tells you differently doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

The reason I say that is there are so many buyers out there looking at property these days. You need to stand out and entice them to engage with your property, the minute you hit the market.  Statistics shows us that 80 percent of all buyers are purchasing properties within 12 km of where they now live.  That’s mind blowing when you stop to think that any one time within that radius there’s usually up to 400 homes for sale.  It’s so essential that you stand out amongst the crowd.

So what exactly is advertising and marketing, well let me explain both to you Marketing is the message that you’re trying to get out there.  Remember buyers only ever purchase real estate to solve a problem. So the message you need to get out is does the features and benefits of your property help solve that problem?

Buyers might be looking to upsize, downsize, relocate, be closer to friends and family, increase their rental portfolios, whatever the case may be.  Your message that you need to get out there needs to solve that problem so that’s the beauty of Marketing.

 Advertising on the other hand is the vehicle in which we use to get the message out there.  It is so important to get the right frequency and the right reach to get the right buyers at the right time for the right property. When this happens better than anticipated sale prices always happen and your days on market are a lot lower.

That’s why we exceed our owners expectations each and every time.

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