How to make an offer on a property

How to make an Offer

So you found a home that you love and you’d like to purchase it, well here’s 3 tips in order to do this:-

Tip 1 : let the agent know you’re interested in the property.  The advantage of that is if there are other registered buyers as well you won’t miss out.

Tip 2:  ask the agent if there are any favorable terms or conditions that the owner would prefer to help make your contract stand out and

Tip 3: have 3 prices in mind that you’d like to offer

The first one being the starting price which is going to get the ball rolling for negotiations

Second:  is the price that you would finally like to pay for the property that you believe is market value compared to the others the others that you’ve seen and

Third: have your final walk away price.  This is so important because if the home you love has other buyers interested in it you may well find yourself in a multiple offer scenario. If that’s the case you need to know what that figure’s is going to be, because you’d hate to miss out on the home that you love over a couple of thousand dollars.

Good luck out there when putting offers forward.

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